The Curated Marketplace
for Collectible Design, Craft
and Functional Art

Artegian is an exclusive marketplace dedicated to collectible design and functional art.

We partner up with the world’s top galleries and dealers and provide design professionals, collectors and connoisseurs with access to the finest examples of collectible design of the 20th and 21st century.

From one-off pieces and limited editions to entirely bespoke creations, Artegian features exceptional works across furniture, lighting and objects d’art.

Forge relationships with design
professionals and collectors

A unique platform for galleries
and dealers

Artegian is an all-in-one platform created to help galleries and dealers increase their visibility online, generate sales and build relationships with a global audience of design professionals and collectors.

Selected by invitation or through an application process, members can showcase their works, promote their exhibition programs, share their stories and much more.

Unlike other marketplaces, members communicate directly with buyers and can finalise the sale of their pieces outside the platform without having to pay Artegian any commission.

Increase visibility
and drive sales online

Your Presence on Artegian

Establish your Profile

Create your member site on Artegian and get discovered by design professionals, collectors and connoisseurs around the globe.

Once you gain access, you can take over your gallery profile and curate this space by uploading works, exhibitions, images and stories.

Members can also set up individual profiles for each of their artists and maximise their visibility on the platform.

Showcase Works

Promote your inventory on Artegian and drive sales online without paying any commission.

Listing pages are created to highlight the calibre of your works and the stories behind them to ensure they resonate with the right buyer.

As a member, you can communicate directly with buyers and respond to enquires without any interference. All sales are agreed between yourselves and finalised outside the platform.

Present Exhibitions

From international fairs to thematic shows, on Artegian you can present your exhibition program and drive buyers to your booth or gallery.

Additionally, you can create online exclusive shows and viewing rooms to promote your works and artists online in a more compelling way.


Stories are an effective way to connect with your audience; share yours by uploading articles, videos and interviews on your Artegian profile.

In addition to the marketplace, Artegian explores the world of collectible design and high-end interiors in its online publication Collect Magazine.

Naturally, our members benefit from press coverage and additional exposure. All press mentions are automatically added to their profiles.


Artegian features tasteful projects by leading interior designers around the world.

Our curated interiors gallery serves as a source of inspiration and offers design professionals and connoisseurs the opportunity to view our members’ works in high-end interior design projects.

All interior spaces featuring our members’ works are also added to their Artegian profiles.


Artegian enables its members to build and nurture relationships with their audience.

Buyers are encouraged to follow and connect with their favourite galleries and creators. Notifications are automatically sent to them when new works from their following are added to the platform.

Connect and communicate
directly with your customers

Are you a Gallery or a Dealer?

Artegian launches in Spring 2021.

To be considered for membership ahead of the launch, apply or contact us today.